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We except unpublished original abstract relevant to conference theme and topics followed by oral or poster presentation in the conference. The mode of the presentation will be decided by the scientific committee.

A. Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. General Guidelines for abstract submission
  • Only online submission through email is accepted.
  • Abstract must be original work conducted in Nepal. Abstracts of those works conducted outside the country will not be entertained.
  • Ethical approval letter from ERB of NHRC or IRCs approved by NHRC must be submitted along with the abstract.
  • Abstract must be prepared according to the guidelines provided for the conference.
  • Abstract must contain sufficient information so that it provides an overview of the whole presentation. Please note that full article or extended abstract or presentation copy may be asked for submission as per the decision of the scientific committee. Submission of an abstract acknowledges the author’s consent for publication of the abstract in the conference abstract book.
  1. Structure of abstracts

Abstracts should be structured into following sections using the following headings typed in bold with no colon at the end, e.g.

  • Background
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • Key words
  1. Abstract Layout Guideline
  • Abstract must not exceed 300 words limit. The word limit relates only to the text of the abstract and does not include title, sub headings, authors and author address.
  • Font type must be Times New Roman Font size 12pt. and 1.5 line spacing must be used.
  • Images, tables or graphics are not to be included in the abstract body.
  • Abstract must be free of typographical and grammatical errors
  • The text should be typed unjustified, without hyphenating words at line breaks
  • It is the author’s responsibility to ensure all the information provided is correct.
  • Request for modification in abstract will not be entertained after the selection.

    B. Guideline for oral presentation

    Use power-point for presentation
    A title slide – Name, Title and what the paper is about

  • 1 or 2 slides of background
  • 1 slide of significance of the study
  • 2 or 3 slides covering current research methodology
  • 3-4 Slides for findings
  • 2 slides for conclusion
  • Total 15 slides

    C. Guideline for poster presentation

  • Design and general layout

Poster should be size of A2 or A3.
Limit the text to about 1/4th of the poster space and use visual to show the findings

The board must be oriented in the landscape position.

The poster title, name and department should be positioned at top center of the board

  • Lettering

The title should be written in bold letter

Lettering for the title should be large with at least 70 points font

Writing in the poster should be clear and visible from five feet away with 18 points font

  • Visuals

Numerical data should be presented in graph rather than table

Use colour to enhance comprehension, not to decorate the poster

Figures should be numbered consecutively according to order

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