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learned a lot and had a great experience

It was my great opportunity to pursue my Master of Nursing (Adult Health Nursing) at Pokhara Campus, TU, IOM as a 4th batch student. The warm and cordial teaching and learning environment of the campus helped me secure first position with aggregate 775 marks (86.11%) among all the students enrolled in Master of Nursing program for the year 2070/71 B.S. The credit for this success and confidence in my chosen path goes to the faculty members and staffs of this campus. During my two years of studies, I gained supportive and encouraging mentors who guided me endlessly in this endeavor. The academic program at Pokhara Campus has not only taught the knowledge needed for passing or topping the board exams but also to pursue the professional career in Nursing. The team spirit of the faculty members have also helped me to pursue my career in Nursing Research.

I learned a lot and had a great experience. Thanks for all involved.


Ishwari Adhikari Baral

Teaching Assistant, Pokhara Nursing Campus (Gold Medalist)

always proud to address myself as a student of PNC

At the very outset, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartiest thanks to the Pokhara Nursing Campus family for shaping my future. Learning is the essence of life. Being selected in one of the renowned campus of the country was a dream come true. Four years down the memory lane (both Bachelor and Master degree) was really positive and rewarding experience. I learned to take responsibility for own learning. The motivation and inspiration to keep the energy and stamina to its optimum in the endeavor was endlessly boosted by the entire faculties and staff of the campus. I always feel proud to address myself as student of this campus.

Pramila Baral

Lecturer, Nepal Medical College

encouragement of teachers and friends

Proper guidance is the key approach to desired consequences. Under the guidance, there comes excellence. Pokhara Nursing Campus has been that obligatory guidance to me. I am assured that among many reasons behind my academic enrichments, this Institute has been one of the fundamental aid to me and I am thankful to all the faculty members as well as the whole staff who have supported me during my studies. Cooperative, helpful and friendly and highly dedicated teachers have provided me with the opportunity to learn more. The support and encouragement of the teachers and friends have helped me to achieve excellence knowledge in my masters level and set a strong background.

Sujata Ojha

Lecturer, Karnali Academy of Health Sciences

appreciate your generosity and commitment

As an ex-student of IOM Pokhara Nursing Campus. I appreciate your generosity and commitment to make me a better nursing scholar and person over the past 3 years. I have learnt discipline and dignity which is massively important for the superior outcome and patient centered care. All those hard works that everybody put together was phenomenal and it has meant so many sacrifices for me , even though I know ultimately my career and personal satisfaction will be much greater.

Rasna Thapa

Staff Nurse, Kanti Children's Hospital
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